Dorothy and Three Sisters

Dorothy Mae Seablom Hall (1900-1988) was our grandmother and an amazing cook.

Dorothy in Kitchen

Here is Dorothy (Dottie) in her Manhasset (Long Island) New York kitchen in about 1955.  Note the faiance-like designs on the cabinets- she painted them!

Dorothy was an AMAZING cook!!

One of us three sisters (Annie) recently found a treasure trove of Dorothy’s recipes:

Dorothy's Treasure TroveThere are hundreds, maybe thousands of recipes in these boxes and folders.  These would have been written down mostly in the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s-  thus, Mid-Century Cooking!  Another sister, Karen, is slowly but surely transcribing these all.  As we try cooking these recipes, we’ll document here the recipes, with our success and no-so-successful tries.

Bon Appetit!